Across the Corn Belt, frigid weather grips the upper Midwest, where Wednesday morning’s low temperatures plunged below 0°F as far south as central Minnesota and northeastern South Dakota.  The late-season cold wave is occurring amid lambing and... (full story)

An adequate and up-to-date inland waterway system is critical for producers to help meet increasing demand for soybeans.   In this episode learn more about two research projects that USB has invested in to help move soybeans domestically and... (full story)

AL_LS603 Las Cruces, NM Feeder Cattle March 29, 2023 Daily Import Total Sales March 28, 2023 Santa Teresa, NM. EST: 2700 Compared to Monday, steer calves and yearlings sold... (full story)

Looking ahead, the 6- to 10-day outlook calls for below-normal temperatures west of a line from the southern Rockies to Lake Superior, while warmer-than-normal weather will span an area stretching from the southeastern half of the Plains to the... (full story)

Chinese pork processing giant WH Group Ltd 0288.HK processed 30% more poultry last year, the company said on Tuesday, as it diversifies into other meats to lower costs and become more competitive. WH Group, which owns U.S.-based Smithfield Foods... (full story)
HEM23: 91.850 (-0.875), LHM23: 92.725s (-0.350)

A storm system currently centered just west of northern California will veer inland across southern California on Thursday.  Subsequently, the storm will cross the Southwest and emerge over the central Plains late Friday.  After reaching peak... (full story)

Corn, soybeans, and wheat have had impressive rallies so far this week, but are on the verge of testing some significant resistance levels. (full story)

Front month cotton futures are up by another 18 to 85 points so far this morning. May cotton closed at its 3 cent limit gain for the day, though the July contract backed off its limit gain for the close. Limits will be 4 cents/lb in the midweek session, upped... (full story)

Front month lean hog futures settled the session mostly red, save for a 7 cent gain in the October contract. The nearby futures were 35 to 87 cents in the red at the close, but May was nearly $1.50 off its earlier session low. The National Average Base Hog price... (full story)
HEJ23: 77.075 (-0.675), HEM23: 91.850 (-0.875), KMJ23: 82.575s (-1.625)

Front month fat cattle futures were 2 to 40 cents higher at the bell, while feeder cattle went home as much as 57 cents in the red. May feeders held above the $200 mark at the session low and the fall months remain $25-30 above the spot March price. Tuesday’s... (full story)
LEJ23: 165.175 (+0.225), LEM23: 159.025 (+0.125), LEQ23: 158.875 (+0.150), GFH23: 191.775 (+0.050), GFJ23: 196.925 (-0.300)

Wheat futures are trading with double digit gains of as much as 18 cents across the three classes. The Tuesday wheat trade left futures in the black, though SRW was left out some. CBT SRW ended with 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 cent gains in the front months as May... (full story)
ZWK23: 719-0 (+19-2), ZWN23: 730-0 (+18-4), ZWPAES.CM: 6.6306 (+0.1883), KEK23: 888-2 (+15-6), KEPAWS.CM: 8.5362 (+0.1581), MWK23: 895-0 (+12-4)

AM soybean prices are 1 3/4 cents to 4 1/4 cents higher so far. Meal is also up in the AM, but BO is down by 11 points so far. The Tuesday session ended with strong gains for soy complex futures led by meal. Soymeal prices were up 2.3% to... (full story)
ZSK23: 1466-0 (-1-6), ZSPAUS.CM: 14.3560 (-0.0018), ZSN23: 1440-4 (-4-0), ZSQ23: 1394-2 (-3-6)

The morning corn quotes are another 1 1/2 to 6 cents higher so far and near their overnight highs. The old crop corn contracts ended the Tuesday session fractionally to a penny lower, while new crop prices were up by 2 to 2 1/2 cents on the day. December contracts... (full story)
ZCK23: 651-6 (+4-4), ZCPAUS.CM: 6.5763 (+0.0450), ZCN23: 632-6 (+3-2), ZCU23: 582-6 (+2-2)

TV_LS100 Thomasville, GA Wed Mar 29, 2023 USDA-GA Dept Ag Market News Atlanta Information for AP Cattle and Calves: At Georgia auction markets on Tuesday medium and large 1-2 300-400 lb feeder steers sold at 239.00 to 259.00; 400-500 lbs 220.00 to 245.00; 500-600 lbs 205.00... (full story)

A corn farmer from southwestern Wisconsin says no-till and strip-till practices help his fields weather the extremes. Mike Burgett tells Brownfield fields absorb water better when there are excessive rains. “And when it’s too dry,... (full story)

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The Chart of the Day belongs to the technology company Squarespace (SQSP) . I found the stock by using Barchart's powerful screening functions to find stocks with the highest technical buy signals, highest Weighted Alpha, superior current momentum and having a Trend Seeker buy signal then used the Flipchart feature... (full story)
SQSP: 30.90 (+0.25)



A soil scientist based in north-central Missouri says precision grid sampling is one way farmers along the Missouri River address soil health. Meagan Kaiser, the chair of the United Soybean Board, tells Brownfield this tool helps better manage... (full story)

Yesterday, with PG trading at 146.36, the July put option with a strike price of 140 was trading around $3.50. Traders selling this put would receive $350 in option premium. (full story)

Matt Cullen with Wisconsin Public Service says the WPS Farm Show outgrew their original location twenty years ago, and continues to bring the latest innovations to farmers. Matt Cullen from WPS discusses the history of the WPS Farm Show with... (full story)

State Representative Kendell Culp, a republican from Rensselaer, has authored several bills during his first legislative session.    He tells Brownfield about House Bill 1557, which would direct the state department of agriculture to... (full story)

Yesterday teh markets had no clear direction and traded Up and Down. Will that change today? (full story)

Is This the Best Rating Metric for You? A Closer Look at Barchart Opinion Rating (full story)
AOS: 68.78 (+0.63), CLX: 156.70 (+0.11), TR: 44.96 (+0.17)

A program that helps Wisconsin farmers save energy and money has some new incentives for farmers.  Kevin Weiler with Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program says rebates and other incentives help farms and businesses upgrade to more efficient systems,... (full story)

June S&P 500 futures (ESM23) are up +0.91%, and June Nasdaq 100 E-Mini futures (NQM23) are up +0.93% this morning after three major U.S. benchmark indices finished the regular session lower, while U.S. Treasury yields climbed as market participants mulled the likely Fed’s interest rate trajectory amid easing bank jitters. (full story)
ESM23: 4,041.00 (+39.50), NQM23: 12,911.75 (+179.25), AMC: 5.03 (-0.12), AMZN: 99.35 (+2.11), MKC: 81.86 (+0.68), BABA: 97.07 (-1.33), LULU: 361.85 (+41.54), NABL: 13.87 (+1.72), ARCT: 20.13 (+4.63), SLGC: 2.01 (-0.33), MPC: 134.27 (+2.70)

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Equifax is a global data, analytics, and technology company that provides many clients with credit reporting and other business solutions. The 19 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Equifax Inc have a median target of 226.00. With a high of $260 and a low of $150 estimates Future... (full story)
EFX: 198.28 (+2.86)

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Bitcoin is still pointing higher due to impulsive leg up, followed by slow corrective pullback by Elliott wave theory. (full story)

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Discover how HTS Commodities can assist with your risk management or investment requirements. Contact Scott Strand Direct 612-486-4624 | scott.strand@hilltopsecurities.com (full story)

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Silver (SIK23) is consolidating with its weekly Hammer after the monster rally from the 2023 low (formed 3 weekly candles ago) around the psychologically key 20 whole figure level. Nevertheless, a deeper pullback to below the 50% Fib retrace of the January to March slide before month end is unlikely.  (full story)
SIK23: 23.375 (-0.045), SLV: 21.32 (-0.11)

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WASHINGTON, DC 28-MAR-2023 WA_FV101 ... (full story)

WASHINGTON, DC 28-MAR-2023 WA_FV102 ... (full story)

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PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 28-MAR-2023 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

YAKIMA Shipping Point Prices as of 28-MAR-2023 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News Service, USDA. Phone: (602) 557-0410 Fax: (602) Any questions or comments can be sent via email to:... (full story)

SA-LS850 San Angelo, TX Tue Mar 28, 2023 USDA Market News National Sheep Summary for Tuesday, March 28, 2023 Compared to last week at New Holland, PA slaughter lambs under 90 lbs 10.00-20.00 higher, heavier weights 10.00-30.00 lower; slaughter ewes weak to 30.00 lower. At... (full story)